Through years of experience in the concrete industry we have also been confronted with the challenges in regard to the raw materials (sand and gravel). Due to the shortage of round gravel and the change to the cube gravel we have, already 30 years ago, together with our clients tackled the problems and therefore got a tremendous amount of experience.

Our strength:

  • Develop process engineering solutions together with the client
  • Controls and safety technology solutions (Engineering and installation)

Systems engineering

Rhomberg Bahnentladung – AUSTRIA

Discharge of railway wagons for special materials such as railway ballast and tunnel excavation materials.

Rhomberg Steinbruch Dornbirn – AUSTRIA

The stone quarry Hohenems-Unterklien has a history of 400 years of being a very important area for providing raw materials.

Yeoman Baumineralien Splittwerk Hamburg – GERMANY

Crushed gravel is transported by sea from Glensanda (Scotland) to Hamburg (Germany). Delivery per ship is 60,000 t – Unloading via conveyor belt ca. 6,000 t/h. The loading into truck is controlled by chip-card system – daily 250 - 350 truck loads.

BSL Brech- und Siebwerk Lorüns – AUSTRIA

The stone quarry was founded in 1998 by the company Transbeton to secure the future limestone mining at Lorüns in Austria.