Innovative Cooling System for Aggregates

The aggregate cooling system developed by Keckeis Systems is fully automated and saves up to 40% energy compared to flake ice systems.

In environments with high ambient temperature and strong solar rays special measures to reduce the concrete temperature are required. Traditionally large quantities of concrete have been cooled with flake ice. With the ever increasing demand for high-quality concrete the addition of flake-ice is limited due to the maximum allowable water content. Flake-ice cooling only cools the surface of the aggregates, the inside of the coarse aggregate is still at a considerable higher temperature.

Innovative energy saving technology

Our system to cool the coarse aggregate is not only working fully automated but also with low energy input. Compared to the traditional system of cooling, our system can save up to 40% of energy consumption.

With the cold water cooling system developed by Keckeis Systems the coarse aggregates will be cooled completely meaning the concrete has a temperature, after mixing, which is in line with the required temperature on site.

For coarse aggregates with size 10/20 two watertight silos are installed as active storage where in each the coarse aggregate is cooled by means of 6 °C cold water. Whilst a further two two silos are producing cooled concrete. The cold and mixing water is provided by means of cold water chiller and stored in cold water tanks.

The advantages of our aggregate cooling system at a glance

  • High concrete output of batching plant
  • Low energy consumption: approx. 40% saving compared to traditional flake-ice systems
  • Easy handling
  • Very high daily production (1200 – 2000 m³/24 Stunden)
  • 24h delivery possible (even at highest ambient temperatures)
  • Long transportation time poses no problem
  • Our system will guarantee highest productivity
  • Low maintenance

Single source engineering

At Keckeis Systems you will get everything from one competent source; from design & development to the training of your operators. You will have only one contact, supporting you comprehensively and fine tuning each step of the project.

Our services at a glance:

  • Development of the entire cold water system
  • Controls
  • Engineering
  • Steel structure
  • Conveyor belts
  • Testing & commissioning
  • Supervision
  • Operator training
  • Maintenance

Please refer to our project reports to learn more about our innovative cooling system for aggregates