Systems engineering in high quality: From planning to production and maintenance

For more than three decades Keckeis Systems engineers and installs plants for the construction industry. We have a wide range of services consisting of engineering, component selection, electrical engineering, controls, switchboards, installation, start-up, operator training as well as optimising of existing electrical plants.

Key aspects of our systems engineering are:

  • Batching plants
  • Gravel processing plants
  • Platering plants
  • Paving stone plants
  • Concrete transport in tunnels – fully automated loading of trains
  • Residual water treatment plants

Individual engineering of your project

Detailed and customer oriented engineering is the key to a succesful project and guarantees a smooth sequence of events. Together with our client we develop the size and establish the performance requirements.

The establishment of electrical requirements from the power source (i.e. from mains or a generator) to the enduser. The flowsheet as well as the interface to other parts of the electrical plant are part of our engineering.

Professional production of high quality switchboards

The switchboard is the heart of every plant and our reason for using only components of the highest quality. These components give the plant a longer life cycle and therefore increase profitability. All switchboards are being wired by experienced engineers and tested in accordance with the latest standards.

Comprehensive training for your operatives

Following installation, testing and commissioning your operatives will undergo a comprehensive training conducted by Keckeis Systems. A trade mark of our system is its simplicity, which enables your operatives to work more efficiently.

Maintenance in all aspects of systems engineering

Keckeis Systems is well known for its uncomplicated and fast response within the international business environment. Through internet connection direct to the plant our engineers can solve most problems without their presence on site, saving costs for the client. Should the need for a visit to site arise our engineers will be mobilized forthwith.

Competent partner in the modernization of systems engineering

Keckeis systems is a competent partner not only for new plants but also at upgrading of existing plants. By upgrading existing plants the client will thus be up-to-date with the latest EU rules and regulations. Accordingly possible shut-downs or technical failures will be reduced to the minimum which therefore increases the productivity and availability of the plant and ultimately guarantees future contracts.